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How to Generate 3x More Leads and Sales with Messenger Bots
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Start from scratch and build a high converting automated sales funnel in 2 hours
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In this course, you'll learn:
Day #1 Video
Why Messenger Marketing blows emails and pixel lists out of the water. A new strategy to convert cold traffic into hot leads within 14 days on autopilot. Messenger marketing for hot traffic.
Day #2 Video
How to create a lead generation Facebook Bot and connect it to a Facebook Ads campaign. Two ways for setting up an opt-in Message.
Day #3 Video
How to create your own Comment-to-messenger Bot
and set up a follow up sequence of messages to get more leads and sales.
Day #4 Video
How to measure the effectiveness of a leadgen bot and optimize conversions following a simple 3-step process.
Day #5 Video
How to broadcast messages via Messenger and run a free retargeting campaign.
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In only two months we managed to increase our lead count by over 200% and reduce advertisement costs sixfold! At first, the team was panicking because of the significant influx of customers. We were simply unable to handle all of them.

Olga Karpova
SMM director, Onlinetours
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